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Computer Classroom Procedures

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be on time - you must be sitting quietly and working on your bell assignment when the bell rings.
  2. Listen to instructions and then work quietly.
  3. Stay on task.
  4. Be polite and considerate--keep your hands to yourself, no name calling, say please and thank you, and don't interrupt.
  5. Be respectful to classmates, materials, and teachers.


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Detention and lost daily points.
  3. Office and no credit given.

District Tardy Policy:

A student not present for any part of the first 5 minutes of any class, any period, will be counted "tardy."  After 5 minutes the student will be counted absent.  Students will be allowed 3 tardies per class per semester.  For every tardy after the third, teachers are to assign detention.  Habitual tardies (six) will be referred to the Principal.  When a student has reached seven tardies, the student will be given ISS or OSS, depending on previous incidents.  (The first consequence from the office will be 1/2 day of ISS.  The second will be one full day of OSS.)

Computer Expectations:

1.    Computers are to remain on during the school day, with the last period of the day shutting down.
2.    Computers locked during direction/instruction time.
3.    Screen savers are not to be changed.
4.    Computers are not for entertainment and are to be used as an educational tool.  When students have finished an assignment, they are to either complete missing work,  assignments for other classes or read a book.
5.  Students are to be logged onto SynchronEyes within the first five minutes of a class period and are to be logged on at all times during the class period.
6.    Headphones are only to be used when given permission by a teacher.  Headphones are not to be used outside the classroom during the school day

Consequences for Inappropriate Use of Computers

1.    If a student is not logged onto SynchronEyes within the first five minutes of a class period, or intentionally logs off of SynchronEyes, privileges will be taken away by the teacher for the entire class period. 
2.    If a student uses the computer for non-educational activities, a warning will be given.  After the first warning, the computer privileges will be lost and all school computer privileges will be lost for five days.  Students are responsible for their homework if the computer privileges are lost.

Class Procedure:

  1. Complete bell assignment.
  2. Quietly listen to directions.
  3. Quietly complete the assignment.
  4. Sit until you are dismissed.
  5. Log out.
  6. Push in your chair.

Bell Assignment:

  1. Check white board for assignment.
  2. Pick up necessary tools.
  3. Sit down immediately.
  4. Log in.
  5. Open necessary programs.
  6. Read through the handout or book page.

Classroom Expectation PowerPoint's:

5th grade

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

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